Organization Name: 
Halifax, NS

CKDU-FM is a non-profit campus and community radio station and student society based at Dalhousie University, serving listeners throughout Halifax. Our mandate is to provide an alternative to private and public broadcasters and serve as a forum for diverse and under-represented voices and artists. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is run by roughly 150 volunteers, a volunteer board of directors, and 2 permanent part-time staff.

Nature of the job:
The CKDU Information Systems Technician (IT) is responsible for CKDU's information technology and website. This is a one-year contract position. CKDU's information technology currently inlcudes a network of two (2) studio computers (digital audio workstations), five (5) office computers, two (2) computers that archive and stream CKDU's broadcast, and one (1) printer. CKDU's website currently includes audio streaming and archiving.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The IT duties and responsibilities include development, maintenance and administration of the following: studio computers (digital audio workstations), office computers, printers, data backup, web-based forms and databases, and email
Rebuilding CKDU's computers, servers, and network;
Improving CKDU's online archive and streams;
Improving CKDU's music database;
Implementing remote access;
Implementing automation;
In addition, the IT duties and responsibilties include being on-call and being available to work on short notice in the event of equipment failure that causes interruption to CKDU's broadcast


Desired qualifications:
The IT must have a strong knowledge base and skillset in information technology and web development, specifically: computer hardware and software installation, service, maintenance and repair;
Server and network installation, service, maintenance and repair;
Linux and Unix-like operation systems, including Fedora and Ubuntu
Free and open source software
Command line interfaces and shell scripts;
Automation and backup, including RAID, cron, rync and rdiff;
Computer hardware and software sourcing and purchasing;
Remote access, including SSH and FTP;
Digital archiving or radio broadcast;
Online streaming or radio broadcast;
Website development and maintenance

Additional Qualifications:
Knowledge of audio electronics is strong asset. The Information Systems Technician will be required to assist with general studio maintenance and technical emergencies, and accordingly should have a basic understanding in: radio broadcasting, studio recording, audio, and electronics;
The Information Systems Technician will be responsible for technical support with training, and must accordingly have the ability to: interact with a variety of people with varying levels of skills; accommodate various learning needs and abilities; effectively communicate technical material, orally and written;
Additionally, knowledge of CKDU and its mandate or experience with campus/community radio is an asset;

The IT reports to CKDU's Station Director and is accountable to the CKDU Board of Directors.


Hours and Remuneration:
The IT Coordinator is a one-year contract position.
Hours: 24 hours per week (negotiable), schedule is flexible;
Pay: $20.00 per hour
Start date: September 2017

Submit a resume with a cover letter in person, by mail or e-mail with attachments or by pasting into the body of an e-mail (we do not accept applications via fax) to:

Hiring Committee – Information Systems
c/o CKDU - FM
6136 University Ave.
Halifax, NS B3H 4J2

Application deadline: 11:59PM AST, Monday August 14, 2017

CKDU is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages
applications from minority and under-represented groups.

Hours: 24 hours per week (negotiable), schedule is flexible;
How to Apply:
Closing Date: 
Mon, 2017-08-14