Funding Drive Coordinator

Organization Name: 
CKDU 88.1 FM

CKDU-FM is the non-profit campus-based community radio station at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CKDU is mandated to provide an alternative to private and public broadcasters, providing a forum for diverse and under-represented voices, music and news. The station broadcasts within the HRM 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is run by more than 200 volunteers.

Nature of the Job:
The Funding Drive Coordinator is responsible for coordinating some CKDU FM's major streams of revenue: its annual on-air Funding Drive, on-air advertising sales, and external fundraising.

Applicable Skills:
The Funding Drive Coordinator should be detail-oriented, have experience managing volunteers and working with community organizations. Experience in fundraising, ad sales, working within a non-profit organizations, event management, grant writing and media relations are all assets. Although it is not a requirement for the position, applicants are encouraged to note any experience working with information systems or databases and any involvement in community radio. The candidate must be able to work independently and be goal oriented.


The Funding Drive Coordinator is a member of CKDU's non-hierarchical staff structure and is accountable to its Board of Directors. The Funding Drive Coordinator works closely with the Station Coordinator and is the staff representative on both the Funding Drive Committee and Sales Committee, participating on other committees as needed. The Funding Drive Coordinator will be expected to raise a MIMIMUM of $25,000 for CKDU-FM through the combination of Funding Drive, on-air advertising sales, and external fundraising (e.g., special events, benefits, promotions, partnerships, grant writing, etc). Remuneration for the position will be in accordance with the contract signed by the Board of Directors and the Funding Drive Coordinator. All staff positions at CKDU-FM are subject to a yearly staff review.

CKDU's 2009 Funding Drive is October 1-10

Details of the position include:

~Attend weekly staff meetings
~Attend bi-weekly fundraising meetings with the Funding Drive Committee.
~Ensure that all programmers are aware of their fundraising goals and responsibilities throughout the year
~Maintain regular office hours on CKDU-FM's premises
~Conduct general administration duties as required
~Coordinate and train volunteers, act as a supervisor, create volunteer guide for this year's drive, and make sure volunteers are signed up for volunteer shifts and duties
~Perform all duties specific to the position of Funding Drive Coordinator as required by the Funding Drive time line (e.g., solicit funding drive prizes, coordinate the Prize Room, print and distribute pledge cards, produce pledge packs, compile printing quotes, coordinate envelopes, forms and letters, envelope stuffing and mail-outs to donors, co-ordinate media, etc).
~Coordinate the production and distribution of all volunteer documents related to fundraising (e.g., Funding Drive guides, etc).
~Coordinate and facilitate volunteer-run fundraising events throughout the year
~Compile and maintain a list of venue information and contacts
~Maintain healthy relationship with the volunteers, take part in decision-making in programmers' meetings and programmer-driven committee meetings
~Explore new fundraising initiatives (including, but not limited to foundation grants, private-sector partnerships, and alumni support)
~Complete a yearly Funding Drive Report for each Annual General Meeting
~Negotiate contracts and selling air-time and program sponsorships on CKDU-FM
~Coordinate paid and contra event sponsorships and all other contra arrangements
~Prepare on-air advertising copy or script to advertisers specifications, CRTC regulations and CKDU-FM policies for content and style
~Oversee production of on-air advertisements in co-operation with volunteers and other staff
~Invoice advertising clients monthly
~Prepare logs and affidavits for clients as requested
~Keep detailed and accurate records of all sales contracts and negotiations including contra arrangements made on behalf of CKDU-FM, which must be made available to the Sales Committee or the Board of Directors as requested
~Data Entry following Funding Drive – sending mail-outs, logging pledges into the computer, and keeping track of donations

Tuesday August 4 – Friday October 30
Part-time AND Full-time (you will be working full-time nearing and throughout Funding Drive)

Application deadline: 5:00PM AST, July 24, 2009
Submit a resume with a cover letter in person, by mail or pasted into the body of an email (we do not accept applications via fax) to:
Funding Drive Coordinator Hiring Committee
c/o CKDU - FM
6136 University Ave.
Halifax, NS B3H 4J2

CKDU is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from minority and under-represented groups.



Part-time to Full-time
How to Apply: 
Application deadline: 5:00PM AST, July 24, 2009
Closing Date: 
Fri, 2009-07-24