Community Outreach Coordinator

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Guelph, Ontario

CFRU 93.3 FM at the University of Guelph is hiring for the position of Community Outreach Coordinator.

CFRU 93.3FM is a volunteer driven student and community radio station, committed to broadcasting high quality, innovative and entertaining music and spoken word programming which serves as a distinct alternative to other available radio services.


Application Deadline: Tuesday April 26, 2011
Expected starting date: Monday May 16, 2011

35 hours per week

Nature and Scope:
The Community Outreach Coordinator is responsible for engagement with the communities that CFRU serves, draws upon, and works with, particularly emphasis on the campus student audience, and those community organizations with whom CFRU works directly. The coordinator is also responsible for off-air promotions and promotional events and plays an integral role in coordinating the annual membership/fundraising drives. The coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all promotions are in accordance with station policies and priorities.

Supervisory duties include recruiting and selecting volunteers to help with community outreach, training volunteers appropriately, mentoring of volunteers and (with the aid of the Volunteer Coordinator), conducting progress reports for community outreach volunteers.

Duties include:
· Provide opportunities for volunteers wherever possible (develop task lists)
· Provide training for volunteers in event promotions and other activities
· Coordination of community outreach activities and events for CFRU with the help of appropriately trained volunteers including the Raise Your Voice/promotional evening shows/campus shows/events
· Coordination of promotional tables at various CFRU events, co-sponsored events and community group fairs.
· Coordination and promotions of a weekly calendar for campus and community events and music shows by appropriately trained volunteers
· Coordination of the design and production of CFRU program guides by appropriately trained volunteers
· Coordination of the design and maintenance of CFRU website by appropriately trained volunteers/outside contractors
· Coordination of the design and distribution of off-air promotional materials (i.e. posters, print advertisements, newspaper articles, banners, press releases) by appropriately trained volunteers and if not volunteers are available, complete necessary tasks.
· Coordination of on-air CFRU promotional announcements by appropriately trained volunteers
· Coordinate the Fundraising Committee and maintain committee minutes for permanent record. Provide minutes to the Station Manager
· Initiation and coordination of off-air fundraising and promotional ventures and events
· Liaison with advertisers and donors in cooperation with the Station Manager
· Grant writing with assistance from members of the CFRU Board of Directors and trained volunteers

· Coordination of all on-air giveaways
· Development of co-sponsorships (including producing or approving scripts for co-sponsored ads) with the Station Manager
· Needs assessment for community organizations with respect to CFRU
· Liaise with campus and community organizations with respect to outreach opportunities
· Contact person for organizations requesting Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
· Coordinate script writing/production of PSAs with the help of appropriately trained volunteers
· Supervision of off-air aspects of CFRU funding drives
· Facilitate community access programming with Programming Coordinator
· Participation at staff meetings
· Participation in the production and maintenance of appropriate training and policy manuals for CFRU
· Set soft fundraising and other annual outreach goals with Station Manager
· Provide training for incoming Community Outreach Coordinator when appropriate
· Other duties Such duties as may be required during planned staff absences, provided they are consistent with the role of the community outreach coordinator

CFRU is an equal opportunity employer. CFRU welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization, and invites aboriginal people, people of colour, two-spirited, queer people, trans people, working-class people, single parents, members of racialized groups, immigrants and people with disabilities to apply.

Wage is $17.31 per hour plus all the provisions under the Collective Agreement.. This is a CUPE 1281 Bargaining Unit position.

Please apply by email to by Tuesday, April 26, at 4pm.
Only qualified applicants will be contacted.

Please distribute widely!


35 hours per week / $17.31 per hour

How to Apply: 
Please apply by email to
Closing Date: 
Tue, 2011-04-26