Community News Editor (CRFC Youth Internship Program)

Organization Name: 
CIVL-FM (University of the Fraser Valley Campus/Community Radio Society)
Abbotsford, BC

CIVL is hiring a daily news editor to provide Fraser Valley listeners with relevant, engaging and unique news content every weekday for 8 months between August 2011, and April 2012.

CIVL is interested in providing a reliable and fair local news programming service that Fraser Valley residents can and UFV students can tune into in order to get updates that are relevant to their daily, work, school, and social lives, in a format that is regular, unbiased and comprehensive of the the diverse communities of the Fraser Valley. In achieving this goal, CIVL Radio looks forward to training and mentoring a Community News Editor in all of the facets of news gathering and production, thus providing both an opportunity for the News Editor to be able to effectively learn and develop radio research, writing, and production skills, as well as the knowledge and ability to train and mentor others in these same processes.

This job requires a morning person who is capable of spending a couple of hours every weekday morning researching, writing, reading, recording, and following up on news stories from within the Fraser Valley, across the country, and internationally as needed.

The Community News Editor will be trained in reviewing, selecting, writing, producing, and scheduling different lengths and volumes of appropriate news programming for consistent (daily/weekly/monthly) airing of local and relevant international news content.

The purpose of this position is to serve the Fraser Valley with unbiased, relevant local news content that focuses on environmental, academic, municipal/regional political, and community based issues and events that are otherwise non-existent on the FM band in this area.

Campus based news issues will be a significant focus, as the University of the Fraser Valley is not only a new University (2008), but very quickly growing, and split between four localized campuses according to program/discipline. Awareness of events and developments within the academic and social sphere of UFV student community members is an aspect of the Community News Editor's job that will be of particular concern.


CIVL's Community News Editor will be hired based on ability to work on tight deadlines, keep up to date of current affairs, and show an aptitude for filtering out bias in all types of news stories.


General skills include:

Excellent written and oral communication
Excellent critical thinking skills
Ability to research, investigate, and stay involved with local, regional and national news stories
Ability to analyze and provide an unbiased accounts of all facts available
Awareness of issues reflecting communities of diverse cultural backgrounds and abilities
A keen interest in community development and accessible programming
Involvement in local initiatives, events, organizations and causes
Demonstrated ability to keep up to date with daily news cycles
Trustworthiness and reliability
Dedication and integrity

CIVL is an equal-opportunity employer. People from all cultures,
backgrounds, and abilities are strongly encouraged to apply



Approx. 10 Hr/wk, 1 newscast (2-5 minutes/8-20 stories) required each day before 11 am . Position ends April 22nd 2012
How to Apply: 
Send a resume, cover letter, and 2 minute news demo along with any other portfolio examples to (Ask for news demo guidelines!)
Closing Date: 
Wed, 2011-08-17