Funding: Resonating Reconciliation documentary

The NCRA has funding available for 10 interested campus and community radio stations to recruit and train a local Indigenous producer or producers to make a documentary about the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in YOUR community.

The work is part of our "Resonating Reconciliation" project, funded by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and administered by the department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

Previous rounds of this funding have been limited to NCRA member stations, and 26 documentaries have already been produced, with more currently in production: listen.

Based on advice from the project's Advisory Committee of inter-generational Indian Residential School survivors, this last round of applications is open to *any* Canadian campus and community radio station, whether it's broadcasting on the AM or FM dial or online-only, as long as the station is currently broadcasting at least 10 hours a week and is not-for-profit and volunteer-driven.

We are particularly interested in reaching out to indigenous community radio stations and NCRA member stations who have not yet participated.

The 10 stations chosen will each receive $3500 for this work. $1500 of the funding is specifically for the Indigenous producers/trainees pay, and the remaining $2000 is for other related expenses (as determined by the station). This funding can be used to help build up the station, build or strengthen relationships with local Indigenous communities/individuals, purchase new recording equipment, and of course, pay those involved!

The documentaries already produced have had major impacts on those involved, from providing a space to heal and share, to renewing relationships within families, as well as educating the public. They have also been used as a way to share important issues in Indigenous communities across Canada, as each documentary is played by each participating station at least once.

There is also a public service announcement campaign, with each participating station committing to playing at least one PSA a day for a year.

To apply for this funding, please complete the brief application form attached. The deadline for submissions is WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18th at midnight BC time.

If you have questions about the process, please feel free to email project staff Gunargie O'Sullivan and Kari Benninghaus at

Once approved, stations will have a one-on-one phone call with project staff in the second week of January, to be followed by a confirmation of the producers and doc idea, as well as a script and source list. The final documentary is due on Tuesday, February 11th, to be aired on Friday, February 14th to commemorate the Women's Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women.