Monday, Aug 15

Hello Everyone

A warm welcome to Patrick Auguste who has joined the NCRA office today. Patrick will be coordinating the RVF Program for 2016-2017 and some other national project so look for his communication shortly as thanks to Heritage Canada, we have an exciting 2016-2017 Rendez-vous de la Francophonie program starting.

Tuesday, Aug 9

The National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC) is proud to announce that on-going discussions with our partners at SOCAN have resulted in changes to the reporting requirements for SOCAN surveys of broadcast content.

As of June 27th, all Campus and Community Radio Stations can remove the.....

About the NCRA/ANREC

See for yourself: community voices are powerful.

Founded in 1986, we help campus and community radio stations get and stay on-air. We help amplify under-represented voices. We foster and celebrate compelling local grassroots radio. And we bring stations together to share their skills, passions and ideas.

As part of this work, we also represent community radio to the government, CRTC and other agencies.

Listen local, think national and get involved! The power is yours.

We currently have 95 members, and continue to grow.

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