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On Wednesday, February 25 to Thursday, February 26, 2015, CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston, Ontario will host the 2015 Homelessness Marathon. The yearly overnight broadcast is shared on campus and community stations from coast to coast, creating linkages and raising awareness of homelessness in Canadian communities.

The Marathon began in 1998 in Geneva, New York and this year the 17th annual Homelessness Marathon will take place in Sarasota, FL. The concept moved North to Canada 13 years ago with CKUT-FM in Montreal as the host station. Last year the Marathon was hosted by CJSR-FM in Edmonton.

The 2015 marathon will feature local and national programming including 14 stations representing six provinces, as well as a special edition of GroundWire focusing on homelessness, with headlines and feature stories from more stations across the country. The 2014 Homelessness Marathon was broadcast by 35 community radio broadcasters across Canada.

Check out CFRC-FM's webpage about it here.

About the NCRA/ANREC

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Founded in 1986, we help campus and community radio stations get and stay on-air. We help amplify under-represented voices. We promote public education about community media. And we represent community radio to the government, CRTC and other agencies. 

The NCRA/ANREC also provides a forum for people to share their skills, passion and ideas. Listen local, think national and get involved! The power is yours. 

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We've recently updated our website with the list of submissions the NCRA has made to the CRTC over the last ten years -- for individual stations and the sector as a whole. It may still be missing a few entries, but is pretty comprehensive. Check it out herepileofletters It's a good resource for stations wanting to draft their own letters and looking for templates/examples. It also shows the work we're doing for members (and how much more of that work we keep doing, year after year).